New Year's resolutions we can get behind

New Year’s Eve was only a few short days ago. How did you feel as 2021 came to an end and you were awaiting the start of 2022? Excited? Exhausted? Disappointed? Hopeful?

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January 3, 2022
Financial Wellbeing
Insurance Wellbeing

There’s something about the calendar clocking up another lap around the sun that causes us to take stock and think about how we can make things better the next time around.  And love them or hate them, you’ll probably be asked about the resolutions you’ll make for the future.

  • Perhaps you’re looking for more time to do something you love. 
  • Maybe you’ve decided to do a budget overhaul and set some financial goals. 
  • You may have plans to destress your life and address the things that cause you worry.
  • Want to be more organised and feel in control? Us too. 

If you’ve decided to do things differently in the new year, we’d love to help you out. 

koverd exists to enhance your insurance wellbeing. That means knowing what you’re buying, feeling great about your cover, and paying a fair price. All with the ease of a consolidated dashboard to keep it simple. 

As we keep building out our offering in 2022, we’ll aim to keep an eye on your policies for you. Whether it’s checking your renewal information to alert you to any changes, sharing ways to improve your cover, or opportunities to get a better deal - we’ll have you koverd.  

Then you get more time, money and peace of mind to invest in the things that matter. It might sound cliché, but we really are here for you.

Our resolution is to change the way people feel about insurance, and to change the way insurers offer it.

And like us, if you have a resolution to make things better, there’s no need to wait - you can get started any time you like.

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