The best cover, forever.

Feel good about your insurance, knowing you're always getting the best cover at the best price. Just upload your docs and we'll work them out for you, making sure your policies are always in good health.

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No jargon

Person looking confused by insurance jargon

PDS and all those other fancy documents stripped back to simple, easy-to-read details.

No life admin

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Our renewal reminders and other time savers mean less life admin, more life.

No shopping around

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We do that for you, always.

All your policies, living happily together.

Even if you're with different insurers, we'll consolidate all your policy info in one place so you can get a complete picture of your insurance wellbeing. And if there's better cover out there that you're missing out on, we'll let you know and help you switch.

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Upload once,
manage forever.

Just upload your insurance docs once, and we'll transform them into an easy-to-manage dashboard where you can review, renew, make a claim, and manage all your insurance - forever. You can even share your dashboard with others so everyone has a view of what you're covered for and how much you're spending (and saving!)

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No more surprises at renewal

Get renewal reminders well ahead of time, and see what's changed at a glance. You'll never be caught off guard again!

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Personal data being securely stored and protected

We've got your privacy covered.

We take care of your data like our jobs depend on it, because they do! We never share your data without your consent, and when we do use it (with your permission) we de-identify it and secure it both in storage and in transit with industry leading SSL encryption. And since all of our servers are here in Australia, your data never leaves our shores.

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Hello, welcome to koverd! We’re excited you’re here.

It’s not just you, we see it too - insurance is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. At koverd, we’re here to offer you a better way to buy and manage your insurance. One that’s designed with your needs in mind.

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koverd, like no other.

We believe insurance isn't just a premium or ticking a box, it's about total wellbeing; understanding what you're buying and feeling really good about your cover, and the insurer behind it.
We'll help you buy and manage your insurance policies, so you'll have the best cover and care, all the time.

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