Insurance has
never been easier

With insurance, most people want to set and forget. We get it. That’s why at Koverd we let you set and forget, with the peace of mind of knowing we are doing the work for you and have got you covered.

Next steps. Actually, only one step

Upload your insurance documents to our platform and we’ll create an easy to manage dashboard with all the important details. No more searching through emails or filing cabinets.

Too little, too much or just right?

From how much you’re spending to the level of cover you have. We get to know you and what matters to you so that we can help you make decisions faster and save time and money along the way.

No more surprises at renewal

With Koverd, you won’t be caught off guard. We automatically send you a reminder when each of your policies is coming up for renewal. And we don’t stop there. We analyse your renewal notice to alert you of any changes and help you understand those.

The best cover, all the time

Insurance street smarts really are a thing, and they are our thing! We know what to look for and where to look to make sure you always have the best cover, at the best price. We’ll get to know what you value to make sure we have options that are right for you, not just when you first buy, but all the time.

Why Koverd?

At Koverd, we believe in the value of insurance. Some may even call us insurance nerds. But the insurance of long forms, confusing lingo and getting chased by sales agents is not for us, and we are guessing it may not be for you either.

‘That’s just the way insurance is’, they said. And that’s why we got to work and decided to build a better way to manage and buy insurance.

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