Insurance? Forget about it.

We'll do the bits you don't want to.
Find insurance
Tell us what you want to protect and we'll make sure it’s covered.
Get Cover
Organise policies
Bring your own policies, and we'll help you keep on top of it all.
BYO Insurance

Choose your koverd

We can be your broker, helping you find the right cover - or we can be your assistant, helping you organise your existing policies (and because we’re multi-taskers, we can even do both!)
All your policies living happily together
Keep on top of all your insurance policies in one place - whether you BYO or find cover through us.
Always in your corner
We work for you, not an insurer. That means whether you bring your own policies or leave it to us to find you the right ones, we’ll look out for your best interest, no one else’s.

Less doing, more enjoying being covered

No shopping around

We do it for you. No more trying to decode and compare options on your own.

No life admin

Our renewal reminders and other time savers mean less life admin, more life

No jargon

We speak plainly, because insurance shouldn’t leave you feeling confused

About us

We know that underneath all the boring bits about insurance, like the confusing language, giant documents and bajillion details you have to compare... is the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing the things you love are safe and sound. At koverd, we take all those boring bits away.
Ok, be my broker

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